Make sure your car dealership, furniture or appliance showroom floor looks its best, whether it’s tile, marble or another natural stone, Boston Stone Restoration can bring out the shine. Call (781)793-0700 or email us to schedule an appointment.

dealership showroom floors cleanedIt is almost Columbus Day and Car Dealerships will be having big sales over the three-day weekend.  Nowadays, dealer showrooms feature, big screen TVs, comfy sitting areas, kids play areas and cafes. But will their showrooms look as bright and shiny as the cars they are trying to sell?  Not only do they have foot traffic to deal with, but they have literal traffic as they often move cars around the showroom floors!

Furniture store and appliance stores have the same issues. If the showroom looks uncared for how can you feel confident that the merchandise is the top of the line?

Whether the floor is tile, marble or another natural stone Boston Stone Restoration can make sure the dealership looks its best. Recently we restored a 7000 sq foot showroom that had a badly damaged terrazzo floor. Boston Stone filled in missing terrazzo and restored the floor to a high shine. Now customers will focus on buying, not a distracting floor.

When you need your place of business to look its best, call the experts at Boston Stone Restoration.