By Paul Bunis

One of the reasons I love my job is I love history and stone, by its nature, is usually thousands of years old.

reclaimed painted concrete floor after

Reclaimed painted concrete floor after restoration.

Recently BSR was contacted to evaluate and repair a damaged floor crafted of hand painted concrete. When I arrived on site and began to study the damage, it became clear that this was no ordinary concrete tile. I learned that this floor was reclaimed from a palace in the Middle East dating from the 1500’s. All I can share is that something sharp and heavy fell on the floor causing this damage.  Since there were obviously no additional tiles to swap out for the damaged ones we had to fix the floor as it was.

We spent 6 hours lying on the floor on our stomachs painstakingly using artists brushes and various state of the art filling mixtures to renovate a timeless piece of artwork. The results speak for themselves!

While I worked on the floor I imagined what life was like 16th century concrete floor restoration boston maall those years ago. These hand painted tiles contained intricate ornate designs enjoyed by royalty. Today I got to work on one right here in Boston’s Back Bay!