Whether you are an interior designer or homeowner, you’ve probably considered marble as a surface at some point, but have you considered white marble?

Every so often a building product gives an experience unlike any other. Walking into a home, hotel or foyer that features white marble makes an impression like no other because there is no natural construction material whiter than white marble. Its bright, its warm in a way that is hard to explain – it’s a surface that almost glows. The experience of white marble in a kitchen is one that you remember.

But white marble is not perfect. Good quality marble, such as slabs from the Carrara, Italy region are dense and relatively nonporous, which makes them durable, after all the stone is literally millions of years old. Yet it also has its weaknesses. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate (the same ingredient used in antacids) or magnesium carbonate, which both react to acids. Acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar will etch marble, leaving a dull mark where the liquid has eaten away the surface, even after the marble has been sealed.

As long as you choose carefully, know what to expect, and care for white marble countertops, they can be a beautiful, functional choice that lasts a lifetime. If damage does occur, and you need marble repair, you can rest easy knowing that restoration is possible in most cases.

There are products like Clearstone marble protectant that actually coats the surface of the marble and guarantees the stone is etch-free for 10 years. Damage to stone is rarely permanent like it is with most other surfaces, so go ahead, choose white marble, make a statement and send us pictures!

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