Antique Crema Marfil and Green Vermont Slate Tile Floor Restoration

Jun 19, 2024

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Case Study: Antique Crema Marfil and Green Vermont Slate Tile Floor Restoration

Location: Beacon St, Brookline, MA

Client’s Challenge: The client had an antique Crema Marfil Marble and Green Vermont Slate tile floor that had seen better days. Over the years, the floor had accumulated stains, scratches, and a generally dull appearance. Despite regular cleaning, the tiles lacked the vibrant look they once had, and the client desired a solution that would restore their beauty and provide long-lasting protection.

Our Solution: To address the client’s needs, we implemented a comprehensive restoration process, leveraging our expertise and the advanced capabilities of TK6 NanoCoat concrete and stone sealer.

  1. Assessment and Preparation:
    • We conducted a thorough assessment of the floor’s condition to identify the specific issues and plan the restoration process.
    • The area was prepped by removing any loose debris and ensuring a clean surface for the restoration.
  2. Honing:
    • Using specialized honing equipment, we meticulously removed the top layer of the stone surface. This step helped eliminate surface scratches and stains, revealing the fresh, untouched stone underneath.
    • The honing process also evened out the surface, creating a smooth base for the sealing application.
  3. Sealing with TK6 NanoCoat:
    • We applied TK6 NanoCoat, a premium concrete and stone sealer known for its durability and ease of application.
    • This nanotechnology formulation penetrated deep into the stone, providing robust stain protection and abrasion resistance.
  4. Finishing Touches:
    • After the sealer had cured, we performed a final inspection and polish, ensuring a flawless finish.
    • The newly restored floor was now equipped with a protective shell, preserving its beauty and making maintenance easier for the client.


Before and After:

Before Restoration:

before slate marfil slate BSR Floor

After Restoration:

Results: The transformation was remarkable. The antique Crema Marfil and Green Vermont Slate tile floor regained its original palette, with enhanced colors and a smooth, polished surface. The TK6 NanoCoat provided solid protection against future stains and wear, ensuring the floor would maintain its beauty.

Client Feedback: The client was thrilled with the results, noting the dramatic improvement in the floor’s appearance and the professional service provided.

Finish: This project on Beacon St, Brookline, MA, exemplifies our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By using advanced materials like NanoCoat and our expert techniques, we can restore and protect stone surfaces, bringing out their natural beauty and ensuring longevity.

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