Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer. I had a client tell me today that our ability to fix her heirloom marble table was like an early Christmas present! She was more than happy! About 6 months ago she inherited a white Carrara table that had been in her family for over 50 years. She had placed a few plants on it and after she watered them three dark stains appeared. She tried to remove them and was dismayed that she couldn’t get them out and had ruined the table.

When the owner contacted us, Paul went to her home and applied a poultice. After he removed it there was still some staining so we brought the table back to the shop to continue to work on it.  We tried a second bleaching poultice and the stains came out!  To make sure this won’t happen again, we applied Clearstone coating and polished it to a semi-gloss finish. Our customer can now put as many plants as she wants on it and it is guaranteed not to stain or etch for 10 years! The before and after photos say it all!