One of our favorite places to work in downtown Boston is the residences at the Ritz Carlton on Avery St.  We have several clients there whom we service year after year, so imagine our pleasure when the Ritz hotel themselves reached out to us to help them with their Avery Bar renovation project! Earlier in the fall we were contacted to treat about a dozen new accent tables that were going to be placed in the newly renovated bar area with MORE Anti-Etch coating. Then, last month they reached out again to have their main bar treated as well!

MORE Anti-Etch coating can be applied to a myriad of different stone surfaces and it can be polished to whichever finish fits your needs. For example, the accent tables were completed with a matte finish and the Ritz requested the bar top be done as a high shine.

The level of protection that MORE Anti-Etch provides is bar none and it’s guaranteed not to etch or stain for 10 years! Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel or are a home owner that loves to cook and entertain, consider protecting your stone investment with this revolutionary coating.

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