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Bedford Inn Restoration New Hampshire

Feb 21, 2020

There’s nothing we love more than a quaint New England Country Inn. Charming and cozy, they are the stuff of storybooks  but sometimes, they can run a bit on the “antique side”, and by antique we mean tired and worn due to lots of well deserved love.
While they are busiest in the fall during leaf peeping season, the Bedford Village Inn took advantage of the slower winter months for us to come in and do our stone magic! The owner of this inn located in New Hampshire contacted us to help with a major renovation/restoration all of the bathrooms in their 14 suites were going under.
One of the challenges our team faced was the different types of marble in each bathroom. As we, know all marble types polish differently. Lighter colors are softer and polish more easily while darker colors like red and green are harder and sometimes require different techniques to achieve the high shine the client was looking for.
So, our team want in and planned out each bathroom in advance to make sure they were efficient and provided the customer with the best work possible.
For this job, we encountered three main types of marble, Rojo Alicante, Marble Tea Rose Pink Marble and Serpentine Green Marble.
Light reddish in color with light streaks that vary in quantity depending on the piece, Rojo Alicante offers a wide range of decorative possibilities and works in almost any sort of space. It’s perfect for countertops, floors, walls and is perfect for adapting and combining warm facades them with any type of decor.

Marble Tea Rose Pink Marble, found mainly in the Philippines, is commonly used in building stone countertops, sinks, monuments,  and ornamentally due to it’s beautiful pink color.
Last but not least, Serpentine Green Marble is a kind of green marble quarried in Taiwan. Especially good for countertops, stairs, commercial and residential flooring and bathrooms, it can also be honed in a wide variety of finishes.
In addition to polishing, the inn was changing out some of the bathroom hardware so several holes had to be patched and some of the walls were re-gouted. Our crew worked hard for over a week to make sure the Inn would be in perfect shape for the influx of press visiting  New Hampshire for the primaries earlier this month.
From ballroom marble floor polishing and honing to kitchen countertop refinishing, or sprucing up a quaint New England favorite, Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading stone care company. Give us a call to schedule your next stone restoration appointment today!

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