Newport is known for its Mansions; The Breakers, Rosecliff, Marble House….and they are all filled with vast amounts black and white marble newport, RI before slurryof marble and natural stone.  Marble House alone has 500,000 cubic feet of marble. Although I have yet to work on one of those properties, I was working in a beautiful home on the very street many of the mansions reside, Bellevue Avenue, restoring an entry foyer.  Black and white marble makes quite an impression and that is why many homes use it in their entry ways.

Working with black and white marble can be tricky though.  The black stone, (Negro Marquina) is quite soft, and, gets its deep black color from petroleum deposits in the earth where it was formed.  The white stone, White Carerra, is also soft and quite porous.  So, when placed side by side, you need to make sure that when honing, the slurry created by the black tiles, doesn’t stain the white ones. When restoring stone, a slurry is caused by the mixture of water and polishing compounds.  So if you have black and white marble or any other natural stone in your home call a professional to make sure it shines to its fullest potential!