These past few months have kept us so busy at Boston Stone Restoration that we decided to take a vacation! To Greece! We spent 10 glorious days touring the islands of Santorini and Naxos and ended up in Athens.

We were blessed with spectacular weather, wonderful food and of course A LOT OF MARBLE!!!  The Acropolis was amazing in size and scope but the site that caught our attention the most was the Panathenaic Stadium. Reconstructed on the site of the original “stadia” in the heart of Athens it is the largest stadium in the world that is made entirely of marble.

The site was chosen because of the two hills that faced one another thus creating a natural incline for the rows of seating. It seats 70,000 people! It is made of white Pentelic marble quarried from the nearby Mount Pentelicus northeast of Athens.  The first modern Olympics were held here in 1896 and was the site of the marathon finish line in the 2004 Olympics. Pictured is a photo of us sitting in the seats designated for the King and Queen! The photo of Paul on the Acropolis give you a sense of the massive size of these structures!

Paul Acropolis Boston Stone Restoration