It’s always nice to work at Harvard as we have done so many times; the campus is steeped in such history which you know we LOVE! But recently we asked to work on a project on a brand new building at the business school. The Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center is a new HBS Executive Education facility serving both as the gateway to the School for the more than 10,000 executives who attend classes here each year and as a vibrant hub that enables them to convene with each other, with faculty, and with students from the MBA and doctoral programs.

One of the main gathering places is a wine and coffee bar that was installed with over 150 square feet of Jerusalem gold marble. The building was dedicated this past June and had a soft opening. During that time the stone become etched and marred from spills from coffee etc. We were contacted in August to apply Clearstone Coating to the entire surface! The results is a shining counter, with a 10 year warranty against etching and staining. Here is a video showcasing the finished product!