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Caring For Natural Stone

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Natural Stone Care Tips

Never use home-brewed concoctions (such as water and dish soap, or water and vinegar) to clean your natural stone installations. Don’t use generic cleaning products (such as glass cleaner, etc.), unless their label specifies that are safe on natural marble (“cultured marble” is man-made plastic material and is NOT marble). Use cleaning agents that are specifically formulated to deal with the variable makeup of natural stone. We recommend MB Stone Care products.

If your stone is beyond daily damage and needs to be honed, resealed, polished or cleaned, often a professional stone care company can save you time, money and aggravation.

Vacuum or dust-mop daily, and damp-mop when deemed necessary with a solution of water and a pH neutral detergent.
For the preservation of that high-gloss factory-finish, consider using a polished stone floor preserver in conjunction with a residential floor buffing machine, or call us to give you a fresh start.

Clean daily using a specialty product for stone and look for a cleaner that is PhH balanced for stone but is made for  “food-grade” applications.

Clean as necessary using a specialty product for stone. For some extra-shine, use a fine stone polish that will brighten-up your surface and provide it with some extra protection.

When eventually an accumulation of soap film will appear (waxy look and feeling), especially in the lower part of a shower stall, use a soap film remover that removes possible hard water mineral deposits, without damaging the stone surface. Make sure that it has chelates in its formula and that’s rated “for natural stone”. There are also mold and mildew removers made especially for stone for those damp locations in your bath area.

For stain removal never use a so called “professional poulticing kits.” They are usually very expensive and produce limited results.
For water marks or rings (acid etching), its often a good idea to bring in a professional. We have tips in out blog section for specific etching problems.

Always feel free to call us with questions!

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