Not all marble is cut the same way. A lot of marble is cut from slabs into large flat sheets used in flooring, counters, stairs and other smooth, level surfaces, but fine marble installations can include stone carved or cut into decorative shapes like floral scroll friezes or acanthus leaf with laurel branches. No matter the detail, that stone gets dirty and it’s especially challenging in wet areas like bathrooms and swimming areas.

When a marble molding, wall skirting or natural stone shower edging is not cleaned consistently, mildew can build up on the grout lines and crevices. In this Millis, MA property, this decorative marble border suffered from organic growth, cleaner and soap buildup. It is important to keep run a fan when using the shower and keep the room well ventilated to prevent excessive mildew from building up. Fortunately, with a little elbow grease and some expert workmanship, this problem can be solved and your marble can look like new again.

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