Love it, hate it or just haven’t thought about it, preserving original terrazzo is a solid investment in a property’s value and performance. You would be hard-pressed to find a flooring that can endure the wear, tear and abuse that a terrazzo floor manages with ease.

That said, even terrazzo can get damaged – often as a result of decades of hard service, construction or changes in building structures that require drilling and plumbing changes over time. But we can fix that.

We are experts in matching the original colors and aggregate (marble/other stone chips) content to match the original surface.  In fact, the first step after a proposal has been accepted is providing our clients with a matching colored terrazzo tile sample. Once the client approves the sample, we move forward and begin the repairs. We offer our clients many different types of finishes from matte to high polish as well as providing excellent products and methods for maintenance and long-term care.

We can repair any terrazzo surface including floors, stairs & moldings. Repairs ranging from chips and cracks to large repairs covering hundreds of square feet. Our scope of work involves making sure the subfloor is prepped properly and ready to have the new terrazzo applied.

Feel free to call our office and speak to any one of our staff about your terrazzo repairs.