Who doesn’t love a good fireplace?! Curling up by the fire with a cup of tea, or something stronger, makes for a quintessential winter evening in New England. Now, imagine having that fireplace in your bedroom! One lucky Charlestown, MA customer has the privilege of having two fireplaces in his home, and recently called our team in to restore them to their original beauty.


The previous homeowner had painted over the black marble fireplace, and the white marble fireplace had a lot of soot build up that was hindering the beauty of the white marble. When we originally spoke with the current homeowner, he was worried that the fireplaces were beyond repair, but we assured him that Boston Stone Restoration was the team for the job. We carefully removed the paint from the black marble fireplace with a soy based stripper and carefully removed the soot from the white marble fireplace using a special non-abrasive cleaner. Once the paint and soot were removed, we were able to polish the stone back to its original luster. 

If you have a fireplace in need of attention, call the experts at Boston Stone Restoration. We’ll have you cozied up by the fire in no time!