boston stone trip 2015

Melissa Bunis, pictured with Andrew of Manchester Hot Glass

By Melissa Bunis

You know how hard we work at Boston Stone Restoration, but we like to play sometimes too! This past weekend Paul and I went to Manchester, VT to take in a little foliage, eat some cheddar cheese and just enjoy a little time away.  But the main reason we chose Manchester was to visit Manchester Hot Glass, a glassblowing studio where we took a private lesson.  Owner Andrew Weill was so much fun to hang out with and we hit it off right away.

We learned a little about his craft and told  him a little bit about ours.  While we were chatting we got to make two customized pieces.  Paul made a vase and I made a wavy bowl. We picked the colors and style with a little help from Andrew.  We literally got to blow off some steam and the end result was a wonderful experience and two unique homemade pieces to remember our trip by.

If you ever find yourself in Manchester, I highly recommend you stop by. Call in advance to schedule your  class!

And remember, support your local small businesses!