We’ve declared December the month of Clearstone!

Clearstone is 2mm thin coating that we apply to the surface of your countertops. It can be polished to a honed or high polish finish. But the best part is it comes with a 10-year warranty against etching and staining.  Right now we have at least one Clearstone job booked each week all month! It is clear that people with natural stone (mostly white Carrarra marble) in their kitchens are tired of etch marks, stains and water rings. They love the look of their counters but don’t love the maintenance they require. Especially during the holidays. Our customers entertain, and they have big families.

The kitchen is often the focal point of the home, where friends and relatives gather to eat, drink and celebrate together. Instead of worrying about coasters, and placemats, Clearstone allows you to enjoy entertaining and not worry about damaging the finish of the stone.

We still have some appointments available, call now to secure your spot! 781-793-0700.