Greenfield, MA, — You sometimes never know what is right under your nose (or feet) until you look. Such was the case in the Town Hall Building in Greenfield, MA.  We were contacted by the Mayor of the town about restoring the lobby floor of the beautiful old building.

Apparently the original marble floors had been covered over with carpeting for many years and they decided to replace the carpeting. In the process of removing it they discovered the original marble floor underneath. The Mayor was worried that the adhesive that remained wouldn’t come off, and even if it did, that the would the floor be damaged in the process.

This is where BSR entered the picture. After a careful test by the owner Paul Bunis, it was determined that the floor could be made beautiful again.  Just last month our crew went in and got to work carefully removing the adhesive and diamond polishing the black and white marble floor to its original glory.

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