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Hidden Marble Floor Revealed in Manchester Library

Jan 30, 2017

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At Boston Stone Restoration we love to work on old buildings. Carpenter Library in Manchester, NH was built in 1914. It was sponsored by Frank Carpenter in honor of his late wife, Eleanora Blood Carpenter. Mr Carpenter spared no expense, hiring architects Edward L. Tilton of New York and Edgar A.P. Newcomb of Honolulu to design the Italian Renaissance style building. They used Concord granite, Botticino and Lastavena marble in their construction.

Currently the library is undergoing a large renovation. After pulling up carpeting and a layer of linoleum in the microfilm reading room they discovered  the original marble floor!  Thrilled with the prospect of returning the room to its original beauty they contacted Boston Stone Restoration as we’ve done several projects like this before.  The floor was covered with dirt and flooring adhesive, but after an inspection and test by Boston Stone Restoration, it was decided to move forward. We carefully removed all the dirt and adhesive and diamond honed the floor to a matte finish to match the rest of the stone in the building. The client was thrilled with the results!

Hi Melissa,
It was an absolute delight working with you and Paul and your renovation team on this project!!!

I finally had a chance to see the completed restoration late yesterday afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thank you all for taking such great pride and craftsmanship in your work! We will definitely be contacting you again for future projects in the Library and other City buildings. Thank you again and it’s was an absolute pleasure working with all of you!


Library Carpenter, Manchester, NH

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