Vinegar stain removalNever use a vinegar or acidic cleaning solution on marble or other calcium-based stones such as limestone and travertine. Many folks think that vinegar is the greatest cleaner on earth, and with homeowners looking for greener solutions to household cleaning, vinegar is often a go-to. Unfortunately it’s very bad for marble and can etch and damage your valuable stone.

There are a number of “do it yourself” ways you can lessen vinegar damage and if you feel confident and have time definitely try to do the work yourself. Know that a professional can always restore marble stone even if your DIY goes wrong.

If you happen to get vinegar or anything acidic on your marble, the first and best thing you can do is rinse it thoroughly with water quickly and hope you neutralize it before damage has set in. Vinegar is great for ceramic floors, but will etch marble almost instantly. Make sure you always use a pH neutral cleaner on your natural stone. We recommend MB Stonecare’s marble cleaner.

If the damage is done, the good news is that etches can be removed by a professional using diamond abrasives and polishing compounds.  If you already have damage caused by using vinegar on other acidic products that is when it is time for a professional like Boston Stone Restoration here in New England.