Marble Floor Restoration at the Boston Public Library

Feb 9, 2012

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As premier experts in stone restoration, Boston Stone Restoration was contracted  by the Boston Public Library to restore the marble floors. Tasked with the meticulous restoration of the marble floors in the iconic George Washington Reading Room and the charming Map Room Café, both revered locales for hosting elegant weddings and distinguished functions within the library’s walls.

The floors, boasting a blend of Rojo Alicante, White Carrera, and Crema Marfil marble, had succumbed to the wear and tear of time, losing their former luster under the weight of years of foot traffic.

Marble floor honed and polished.

Recognizing the profound historical significance of our endeavor, given the library’s esteemed status on the National Register of Historic Places and its designation as a National Historic Landmark, Boston Stone Restoration approached the project with utmost care and precision. Collaborating closely with the library, we meticulously planned each phase of the restoration process.

Beginning with honing the stone surfaces to perfection, we then applied our expertise to polish the floors to a resplendent shine, reviving their former grandeur and ensuring they stand as a testament to the library’s rich heritage.

Our commitment to preserving Boston’s architectural legacy extended beyond the George Washington Reading Room and Map Room Café. We were entrusted with the restoration of the Northwest Corridor, seamlessly connecting the historic McKim building to the newer Johnson Building.

The Boston Public Library, a beacon of knowledge and culture, holds a special place in the heart of the city’s Back Bay neighborhood. Established in 1848 as the first publicly supported municipal library in the United States, its architectural magnificence, conceived by Charles McKim in 1887 and realized in 1895 in the Renaissance style, continues to captivate visitors from near and far.

In recent years, the library has emerged as a sought-after venue for weddings and social events, further enhancing its role as a cultural hub within the community. Nearby, the venerable Boston Athenæum, established in 1807, stands as another testament to the city’s rich literary heritage.

At Boston Stone Restoration, we take pride in our role as custodians of Boston’s architectural treasures, ensuring that each restoration project not only preserves but enhances the legacy of our city’s iconic landmarks.

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