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Mar 20, 2014

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After: honed and polished, just a  portion of the marble restoration project

After: honed and polished, just a portion of the marble restoration project

Another exciting week at Boston Stone Restoration!  Part of the fun of our job is that we get to work in really cool historic buildings.  This week we were at the Wilbur Theater in downtown Boston.  Located in the heart of the theater district the 100 year old building needed a bit of TLC and we were there to provide it!

before marble floor restoration theatre boston

Marble floors before restoration started.

Built in 1914 by the Shubert Brothers it was name for their friend A.L. Wilbur. It was designed by, Clarence H. Blackall, in the Federal Revival style. This this was the first theater to draw from American Colonial architecture rather than the European style of architecture. The Federal Revival style features homey-simplicity. To insure the authenticity of the style, the porticos on the front of the theatre were copied directly from the 1837 Thomas Bailey Midrich House at 59 Mt. Vernon Street on Beacon Hill.

Boston Stone Restoration was contracted to restore the marble lobby floors, walls and stairs.  After a walk through with the Building Manager, we performed a test and offered three different options, with different levels of shine. Once the owner chose the desired finish we went to work. There was a wax build up that needed to be removed and the floor and stairs were carefully honed and polished back to their original high luster.  They were thrilled with the results.

The Wilbur Theater is the preeminent venue for music and comedy in Boston.  Next time you are there to see a show check out our handy work!

If you own or manage a historic building or property and your natural stone needs the touch of a professional, call Boston Stone Restoration at (781) 793-0700 for a consultation.

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