St. Augustine Catholic Church in Providence, RI was originally established in 1929 and the original church was built in 1930. As the parish grew over the years, so did their needs, and so a new church was commissioned with ground being broken for the new church and rectory on August 18, 1961. 

The church was styled with a combination of contemporary design and traditional religious motifs, featuring stained glass windows that were specially commissioned from New York glass designers.

For the first time since the new church was completed, St. Augustine’s is going through a large renovation. Our team at Boston Stone Restoration was contacted to restore the walls in the candle room which had years of soot and creosote build up. Creosote is a buildup of dark brown or black flammable tar that gets deposited by smoke as things burn. The walls are made of Rosa Verona Marble that responds very well to restoration. Our team carefully diamond honed the walls down to remove any of the buildup and then polished them to a beautiful shine that really showcases the natural beauty of the marble. 

Take a look at the dramatic difference in the brightness of the room once the walls have been restored! 

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