From antique, to 20 years old to brand new, we can restore and protect your marble tables! Here are three restorations we’ve done in the last year:

Victorian/Eastlake Marble Table Gets A Historically Accurate Finish

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Recently Boston Stone Restoration restored a Victorian Eastlake marble parlor table with a beveled white Carrera marble top. The table was stained so we used a poultice to draw out the stain then polished the top to match its original semi-matte finish. The owner was thrilled with the outcome.

Plastic Coating Removed from Red Beveled Marble Top 

(pictured at top)The red marble table had a plastic coating on it that overtime yellowed and cracked, leaving divots in the surface of the marble. Boston Stone Restoration diamond honed the coating off, applied Clearstone Coating which filled the divots and then polished it to high shine.

Newer Black Marble Table Gets Added Protection

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The black marble table was relatively new and the owner was surprised how quickly it etched and became dull from minimal use. Boston Stone Restoration was hired remove the damage and then to apply MORE Anti-etch to the surface. Both Clearstone and MORE have 10-year warranties against etching and staining. There are so many options to protect marble these days. There is no reason you can use it and still have it looking great every day!