One of the things that makes us most happy at Boston Stone Restoration is a repeat customer. We take lots of pride in our work and when someone is so thrilled with the outcome of their first project and they ask you back to do more, well,  it just feels great!

Such was the case a few weeks back when one of our clients who has been slowly renovating their old stone farmhouse home asked us to work wonders on some of their floors. The first floor we restored for them was full flagstone that had been covered with carpeting for years so we needed to remove all the adhesive, clean it, and then work on returning the shine.

The second floor they asked us to restore was a marble tile floor that was covered in paint, dirt, and had become dull from years of traffic. Boston Stone Restoration carefully removed the paint, cleaned the marble tiles and then applied a coating to give the floor a high gloss shine. Not only will this coating provide protection for years to come, but it makes cleaning a breeze!

If you are renovating a home or business and discover beautiful, old stone or tile under the current floor or carpeting, don’t rip it out!! Contact the experts at BSR to bring it back to life.