As more and more people are investing in marble and natural stone in their homes, the inclination is to look for a way to keep it in the best shape possible.  Marble etches and stains, grout discolors over time and exterior patios often take a beating from our brutal New England Weathers.

We’ve found a few products we like that can prevent stone damage, often with long term warranties. Here are just a few:



Clearstone Stone Coating

clearstone coating logoAt Boston Stone Restoration we are constantly looking for solutions to these problems. And specialty sealers and coatings are becoming more and more popular.  The most popular of the coatings that we have been working with lately is a called Clearstone. Clearstone is a great application for people with Carrara and Calcutta marble in their kitchens and bathrooms. What make it special is it is a coating, not a sealer. It is 2 mm thin and provides protection from staining and etching with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty!  You can spill juice, wine, coffee and vinegar on the counter and it won’t leave a mark!  It’s is truly amazing. Boston Stone Restoration is the only certified applicator in New England!


TK-6 Outdoor Stone Sealer

tk-6 stone coatingAnother product we have been using with wonderful success is a specialty sealer called TK-6. It is good for concrete countertops and patio pavers. It comes in high gloss or low gloss finish.



StoneGuard Stone Film

StoneGuard film coatingAnd since we are always searching for new products we are currently in the process of becoming certified applicators of Stoneguard, a revolutionary film that also comes with a limited 15 year warranty!



If you love stone as much as we do, one of these products may be just what you need to keep it looking great and keep in maintenance free!