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Forever Granite Countertop Sealer

Boston Stone Restoration now offers MORE® Infinity® Lifetime Countertop Stain Protection with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty

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Introducing the MORE® Infinity® Lifetime Countertop Stain Protection Warranty. It’s the ultimate safeguard for your investment, ensuring your natural stone countertops stay pristine for years to come.

Regular sealing is essential to maintain the beauty of your countertops, but with the MORE® Infinity® Lifetime Warranty Program, you can enjoy hassle-free, long-term stain protection.

Here’s what you get:

  • Lifetime protection against stains for homeowners, and 10 years for commercial spaces (granite only).
  • 1-year coverage for exterior countertop installations (granite only).
  • No need to worry about resealing during the coverage period.
  • If a stain occurs, our technicians will promptly remove it.
  • In the rare event that a stain can’t be removed, we’ll replace the countertop, covering both labor and materials.
  • The warranty applies to both granite and marble countertops.
  • For optimal results, the sealer must be applied by a certified applicator.
  • Registration is simple and handled by Boston Stone Restoration with the homeowner.

And if acid-etch protection is what you need, explore our MORE® AntiEtch® solution. Protect your countertops with confidence, backed by the assurance of MORE® Infinity® Lifetime Countertop Stain Protection Warranty.

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