It happens all the time. You drop a pot on the edge of your granite counter top and bang! I chip comes loose! Even though granite is one of the strongest and most durable stones out there it does chip.

Fortunately, most chips can be repaired. As long as the damage is just cosmetic and not structural, Boston Stone Restoration can fill a chip so that it becomes virtually undetectable.

With some careful color matching we fill the void with a resin epoxy and voila, you can hardly notice there was an damage!

Often marble, granite, and other natural stones crack, chip or become broken over time. Sometimes it is a tile that needs to be replaced or a countertop that has a chip or crack. Boston Stone Restoration can very often repair this type of damage either by replacing a tile or using a special color-matched epoxy to fill in a crack.

We can repair most granite countertops, family heirloom marble furniture tops, terrazzo & travertine floors and more. Call us today: (781)793-0700