We’re Not Masons, We Bring Stone Back to Life

Oct 16, 2012

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So when I tell people that I am in the stone restoration business, they say, “Oh so are you a mason?” Or they think I install countertops and tile flooring.  Sometimes it is not easy to describe the work that we do at BSR so below I have made a list of some of the stone care projects we do. We work with the same materials as masons use, Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Soapstone, Slate, Quartzite and other natural stone materials, but our job is different. We maintain, restore and bring life back to well loved (and often well abused) stone.

A few of the things we do:

  •     Restore (remove scratches and etch marks) from marble floors and countertops
  •     Strip and re-seal slate and flagstone flooring
  •     Repair small cracks or chips on counter tops or stone tables
  •     Clean and seal tile and grout
  •     Repair damaged stone building facades or walkways
  •     Apply slip resistant sealer to flooring
  •     Clean polish and seal granite countertops

As you can see there are a variety of services that we offer, but no we are not masons or installers or stone fabricators. We revitalize, clean, repair and restore.

We fix problems that occur with marble, granite and natural stone that is already in place in either your home or place of business. If it shiny and you want a matte finish we can do that, or is it isn’t shiny and you want it shinier we do that too!

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