Recently we were contacted by the General Manager of Thornes Market Place in Northampton, MA regarding a problem they were having with their restroom floors. They had recently installed new terrazzo flooring and no matter what they tried they couldn’t remove the ground in dirt and they tried several products that actually made the floor worse. In fact, they were even considering ripping the floors out! Luckily, we found each other!

We began by cleaning the floor with our high-pressure hot water system to remove dirt and grime, next we diamond honed the floors to repair the damage caused by the improper cleaning solutions. Lastly, we applied Microguard sealer. Adil’s MicroGuard® AD1000 clear siloxane sealing system covalently bonds with a variety of hard surfaces to produce a beautiful, strong, thin, clear coat that delivers remarkable adhesion, long-term protection and wear-resistance.
Here is what the general manager had to say when we were done.

“From our perspective, the work was done efficiently, quickly, and with no issues. Your on-site team was easy to deal with and very focused on the work. Nice work! The floors look spectacular.”

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