Stone Bathrooms & Your Marble Choices

Aug 12, 2013

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white marble bath modern rusticWith its unique veining and gorgeous colorations, marble is a popular choice for homeowners looking to create an elegant, spa-like aesthetic in their bathroom. The experts at HGTVoffer some helpful tips on how to select the right marble for your bathroom remodel:

Stone Color
Marble comes in a variety of colors, including pinks and reds, blues and greens, whites and grays, and browns and blacks. Decide if the marble countertops will be the focal point of your bathroom–in which case a bold color choice will make the right statement–or if it’s more of a supporting player, in which case white or gray may be more practical.

Stone Finish
There is more than one finish available for marble. Polished marble offers a glossy shine, honed marble gives you a matte appearance, and antiqued marble has a weathered look. Choose your finish based on the overall tone of your bathroom, be it modern, traditional, or something in between.

Sink type
Marble can be installed with a variety of sink types, including undermount, drop-in, or vessel. That gives you the flexibility to choose your dream sink and your dream stone.

Marble should be sealed periodically, and regular maintenance is recommended to protect it from stains or etching. When you invest in marble, be sure to learn the ins and outs of stone care so that your stone will look great for years to come.

Even with regular maintenance, sometimes a stain, chip or etch will be beyond the abilities of a homeowner to repair. That’s when you should call the experts at Boston Stone Restoration, who specialize in polishing, repairing, and cleaning fine stone surfaces.

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