Finally! Offices and Facilities Start to Reopen

Apr 8, 2021

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It’s finally happening! People are starting to return to buildings, work is starting to pick up and businesses are reimagining offices and facilities planning.

As reopening begins in earnest, the Boston Stone Restoration team is seeing a return to occupied buildings and office space and that means new stone care and restoration contracts.

In recent weeks we’ve restored and protected stone surfaces for several downtown and suburban businesses that are readying their offices to reopen for employees and clients and they want their stone surfaces to look their best.

From gleaming coffee stations at Nuance in Burlington, to the welcome and reception area at Accenture in Boston, companies are restoring old surfaces and protecting new ones in advance of welcoming people back to business spaces.

We’re helping to making spaces easier to clean, more resilient to wear and lower maintenance with products like MORE anti-etch coating to prevent etching and staining and discourage bacterial growth.

We’re cleaning and sealing bathrooms, polishing entryways and foyers, even restoring terrazzo stairs and entryways.

Boston Stone Restoration is helping businesses to put their best effort forward to welcome people back to work and help make things feel good again.

If you are looking for stone restoration services, please call Boston Stone Restoration at (781) 793-0700.

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