Stone Countertop Protection, Films, Coating & Sealing: Comparison & Options

May 22, 2024

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We’ve got the inside scoop on stone counter protection!

Stone surfaces are durable and timeless, making them ideal for any home. From the classic elegance of marble to the sleek look of soapstone and the modern charm of quartzite, these natural materials enhance countertops, floors, and more with their unique character. However, daily life can take a toll on even the toughest stones. That’s where stone protection comes in.

Join us as we explore how to preserve and protect these beautiful surfaces, ensuring they remain stunning for years to come.

Understanding Stone Surfaces and Why We Protect Them

Different types of stone, including granite, marble, and quartzite are commonly used in countertops, floors, and other applications. Despite their durability, they benefit from protection to prevent damage from everyday wear and tear.

UV Cured Stone Coatings

  • Description: UV cured coatings provide a durable and long-lasting protective layer for stone surfaces.
  • Benefits: Resistant to scratches, stains, and etching, enhancing the natural beauty of the stone. Can be buffed out periodically and spot corrected.
  • Examples of Brands: MORE Anti-Etch, Sheerstone, CureUV
  • Cons: Requires professional application and specialized equipment, initial cost may be higher compared to other options, limited availability in certain regions.

Protective Films for Stone Counters

  • Description: Protective films offer temporary protection, useful during construction or renovation projects.
  • Benefits: DIY-friendly, easy to apply and remove, providing a barrier against dust, debris, and spills.
  • Examples of Brands: Surface Armor, TuffSkin, Stone Guard Film
  • Cons: May leave adhesive residue upon removal, not as durable as other protection options, can be prone to cracking, tearing or puncturing. May look like plastic.

Sealants and Impregnators

  • Description: Sealants and impregnators penetrate the stone surface to provide some protection against water, coffee and and other liquids.
  • Benefits: Available in various formulations for different stone types, offering long-lasting protection.
  • Examples of Brands: Miracle Sealants, StoneTech, Aqua Mix
  • Cons: Requires periodic reapplication to maintain effectiveness, may alter the appearance of the stone surface, not as effective against etching, scratches or impact damage.

Wax and Topical Coatings

  • Description: Wax and topical coatings create a protective layer on the surface of the stone, enhancing its shine and luster.
  • Benefits: Relatively easy to apply and reapply, providing additional protection and aesthetic enhancement.
  • Examples of Brands: Lithofin, Fila, Tenax, V Seal, Microguard
  • Cons: Requires regular maintenance to upkeep the protective layer, may yellow or discolor over time, stone can still etch and scratch, not suitable for all types of stone surfaces.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

  • Durability Requirements: Consider the level of protection needed based on the stone’s location and usage.
  • Aesthetic Preferences: Choose a coating that enhances the natural beauty of the stone without altering its appearance.
  • Maintenance Considerations: Evaluate the upkeep required for each coating option.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider eco-friendly options and their impact on the environment.
  • Cost Analysis: Compare the initial cost and long-term maintenance expenses of each option.

Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Establish a regular cleaning routine using mild cleaners.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives that can damage the protective coating.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for reapplication or maintenance of the coating.
  • Handle spills and stains promptly to prevent permanent damage to the stone surface.


Choosing the right stone coating option is crucial for preserving the beauty and durability of your surfaces. By understanding the available options and considering factors such as durability, aesthetics, and maintenance, you can make an informed decision that ensures long-lasting protection for your stone surfaces.

This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into stone coating options, their benefits, and considerations for choosing the right solution for your needs. Whether you opt for UV cured coatings, protective films, sealants and impregnators, or wax and topical coatings, reputable brands such as MORE Anti-Etch, STAIN-PROOF® and MB Stonecare offer quality products to safeguard your stone surfaces.

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