The Stone Restoration Process in 6 Steps

May 26, 2022

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When we visit events, home shows and conferences, we inevitably meet people who have never heard of stone restoration. It’s also true that once they know, they love that a service exists that will professionally restore stone surfaces and protect stone counters, tiles and floors. So we decided to draft up a blog post that explains how hiring a stone restoration team typically works.

If you are thinking about hiring a stone restoration company in greater Boston, Cape Cod and Islands, Rhode Island or Connecticut – give us a call!

What is stone restoration?

Assessment: Review stone type, damage, identify issues

  • Assess etching, scratches, dulling, staining, chips, seams and any other issues
  • Review how and why the damage accumulated
  • Evaluate stone type
  • Recommend options

Create a restoration plan & quote

  • A stone care expert will send or present to you a strategy for restoration
  • Recommend any coatings or sealers that make sense
  • Offer a written quote and recommend dates to do the work

Remove the stone damage

  • Protect the space to ensure the property is not damaged in the process
  • Using various machines, we often start by removing a layer of stone starting at 1/132″
  • Remove progressively until surface is perfect

Restore or change the stone finish

  • The stone care professional can create the perfect finish, from glossy, to matte, honed, brushed, satin, or natural

Education! Recommended care strategy, review preventative measures

  • Assess the use of the stone, high traffic, low traffic, food proximity, humidity, etc.
  • Apply coatings or sealers that make sense
  • Recommend a cleaning strategy and long term expectations

Owner gets awesome, beautiful, usable stone surfaces again!

Get your project quoted today

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