After what has been a LONG and snow filled winter, Cape Codders are starting to ready their homes, rentals and resorts for the vacation traffic that will arrive with the warmer weather.

This past week we spent some time in Harwich and Chatham working on both commercial and residential projects. The work ranged from restoring a damaged black slate mudroom floor, to removing scratches and etch marks from the marble bathroom floors in a high end hotel.
If you have a summer property or rent your home, you need to make sure that your stone and tile wasn’t damaged over the winter. We don’t just work on floors, bathrooms and counter tops, we also do some exterior work. For instance if you have natural stone counters around your barbecue , they probably need some attention to get them back into tip top shape.
If you are a rental agent or work in a resort property, this is also the time to address any stone/tile issues you may have. The winter’s salt and sand residue can scratch and etch marble and limestone. If you have foyers, or bathrooms in your facility that have damage we can address them. Now is the time to call (781) 793-0700 as we are booking April now.

Happy Spring Cleaning from Boston Stone Restoration!