When you think of marble floors, what do you think of?  Grand foyers, expansive hotel lobbies, and mansion ballrooms seem to take the cake, but in reality, marble is often used in a number of small spaces to maximize impact of an entryway. It’s no secret that the sheer wow factor of marble is unmatched because no matter how big or small the space is, it always looks beautiful and luxurious!

Since marble is a softer stone, keeping up with regular restoration appointments is an easy way to keep your marble in it’s best shape and doing it’s job of making a lasting impression in your home or business. Check out these two examples that showcase how easy it is to turn *meh* into AMAZING!!
From small entryways, to hallways or bathrooms, our team here at Boston Stone Restoration is ready to keep your marble looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Give us a call today!