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White Carrara Marble Stair Restoration | Brookline, MA

Mar 14, 2019

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Living in New England means you get to experience many quintessential New England things. The perfect fall foliage, lobster rolls galore, and inevitably, winter weather. While the first snow of the season brings joy to many of us, come March we’re thinking about warmth, baseball, and beach time.

In order to help our clients get ready for the spring, we recently had the opportunity to take care of some gorgeous  stairs for a client in Brookline, MA. The stairs, located in a Condominium, had taken a beating the past few months from regular foot traffic mixed with harsh New England weather. 

We started out by diamond honing the stair treads ( the horizontal portions of a set of stairs where you actually step) to remove all of the grit, grime, and damage. Once we had those cleaned and honed to perfection, we regrouted the seams that had grown loose over time to make sure each step was secure. By the end of the job, our team had the stairs looking brand new and sparkling!

With another satisfied client in the books, we’d love to help you next! Give Boston Stone Restoration a call to shake off those winter blues and welcome spring with open arms! Call us for a quote today at 781-793-0700.

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