There are a lot of products out there online and in hardware stores that promise to help you DIY fix your marble or natural stone damage. We here at BSR especially like to read the online reviews – they are hilarious!

From a professional standpoint, we believe that if you are a person who likes a DIY approach, go for it. Stone can be a forgiving material and if your efforts fail, we are always standing by help.

That said, even BSR is limited in the cracks and chips it can repair. Chip and crack repair on marble and natural stone can be tricky. We only repair chips and cracks that are cosmetic in nature, not structural.

For example, if you change out a shower door and have holes from old hardware, or chip the edge of a countertop, we can repair it.

The way we do our repairs, we use a color matched epoxy and glue to fill in the chip or hole as needed. We use a UV light to cure the fills then we shape, buff and polish to match; and most of the time the damage is barely visible!

That said, if you have large cracks or fissures in your stone, heavy damage needs to be evaluated by a fabricator.

Have cracks or holes in your natural stone? Call us for a repair quote today (781) 793-0700!