Boston Stone Restoration belongs to several organizations and associations, but two of the best are EMNari and BRAGB. Both attract members from the remodeling and construction industry and we love being members and attending monthly events and meetings.

Why is it important to belong to associations such as these? First and foremost is to meet the best professionals in the industry. Architects, designers, contractors are some of our best customers and we get to meet and mingle with them at member events. The other reason is the educational and informational meetings help keep us on top of the newest trends in the industry.  Everything from current building codes to how to use social media are just a few of the topics covered at member events. The last reason and perhaps the most rewarding is, the philanthropic portion of these organization. EMNari is known for taking on at least one community service remodeling project each year. They also have a toy drive at Christmas and sponsor two college scholarships every year.

We feel fortunate to be a part of these two organization and encourage other industry professionals to join one!