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Travertine Cleaning and Restoration

Travertine floor with Black Absolute granite tile

Restoration services that will keep your travertine looking like new.

There are two types of travertine: filled and unfilled. Natural travertine has small holes that run throughout. Filled travertine has been synthetically smoothed out by filling in the holes. Travertine is available in both a honed (matte finish) and a polished finish. These finishes both need to be cared for over time to remove scratches and etches.

Boston Stone Restoration offers services that will keep your travertine looking like new. We can clean, repair, hone or polish, and seal your travertine. From time to time, holes will become exposed in the filled travertine—Boston Stone Restoration can fill and repair these holes and make your travertine look new again.


Boston Stone Restoration will provide you with outstanding customer service, quality craftsmanship and knowledge that only trained professional can provide. We recognize the investment that you have made In your property and will work with you to ensure that it will maintain its natural beauty over time.

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