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Oct 20, 2023

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It’s not about awards…but they’re nice!

Boston Stone Restoration, in collaboration with our agency, the Boston Intelligence Group, secured a Gold 2023 PRISM Award for our 2023 Marketing & Ad Campaign. This award was presented at the flagship event for the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston, held at the Museum of Science in Boston.


We specialize in natural stone polishing, repair, sealing, cleaning, and renovation—a challenging message to convey in print advertising. Our campaigns have evolved from simple “before & after” shots to focus on storytelling and lifestyle. They illustrate that natural stone can be chosen for both its beauty and durability. This year’s ads feature people using the countertops we protect and restore with a special coating. In 2023, our primary advertising platform was Architectural Digest, and you could also find our ads in publications like New England Home, Cape & Islands Design Guide, Modern Luxury, and Boston Home.

Print Ad #1: “Worry Less. Live More.”

The ad is clean, with plenty of white space, a compelling headline, and a clear message: there’s no need to tiptoe around your countertops. Let your family enjoy your kitchen without worry. The image of a mother and daughter spending quality time together, dressed in eye-catching yellow polka dot aprons, conveys the joy of family baking. Additionally, the simple grey and white picture on the kitchen wall evokes the look of marble against the white walls, yet your attention is immediately drawn to the mother and daughter.

Print Ad #2: “Oops”

Our second full-page ad speaks to the fear and hesitation of purchasing marble. While marble is on-trend and creates an upscale, visually soothing surface, it is well-known as a soft stone that is easily damaged. Nothing is more damaging than tomato sauce!

This ad complements the others by highlighting the technical aspect of what BSR provides: “guaranteed protection from the wear and tear of life.” It illustrates how important it is to protect the stone so that an “oops” like this only requires paper towels to remedy. The ad has immediate impact with its “splash” of red and is purposely scheduled for the November/December holiday season.

Print Ad #3: “Multitasking”

This ad refocuses on family and the daily activities in the kitchen. It illustrates that regardless of the type of natural stone you have, it can withstand your lifestyle. The copy concludes by reinforcing Boston Stone Restoration’s message: to refinish, protect, and restore natural stone.

Our three ads seamlessly maintain visual consistency while capturing the essence of relatable experiences for homeowners. They directly address the full spectrum of life experiences, assuring homeowners that their natural stone is a worry-free part of their journey, adding a personal touch into our brand.

For stone restoration, Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading choice. Earlier this year, we received several awards for our projects, but our most valued accolade is the enduring trust and rapport we build with homeowners and our trade partners.

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