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Ask the Experts Vol. 3: What’s the difference between Quartz and Quartzite?

Apr 1, 2021

This month we had two questions.

1. From Luciana in Beacon Hill, “We have old rug glue stuck on our marble foyer floor. I saw you recently had a big project like this, is there anything we can do to get it off, or is this a job for a professional only?”

Hi Luciana. We advise that you use a professional to restore stone floors that have been buried under old wall-to-wall carpeting.

Often the rug adhesive and pads can disintegrate and adhere to any scratches of porous areas of the stone and the only way to get that out is with deep cleaning and in some cases, grinding the surface of the stone.

Once a stone surface is prepared, a stone care pro can polish, shine and create the best finish for the location, be it with an anti-slip or other appropriate coating.

Hope that helps!

2. “What’s the difference between Quartz & Quartzite,” from Mary-Jo in Quincy, MA. 


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