We get a lot of inquiries about chip, hole and crack repair on granite and marble counter tops. I tell clients from the start that we fix only aesthetic problems, not cracks or chips that are structural in nature.  Crack repair is trickier than chip repair. Reason being is that the crack can grow over time. Chips and holes are generally finite.  I also tell clients that the chip or crack will not be invisible although we do our best to color match as close as possible.

Small chips (less than 1/8th of one inch deep) are not repairable. We do not grind down edges, we fill with a flowing resin epoxy to fill the gap. Here are a few examples of repairs we have done recently. In the first set of photos, the fill is still a bit wet and will lighten up a little as it dries.  In the second you can hardly tell there was damage!

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