Real Estate pros weigh in on the idea of restoring natural stone before selling your massachusetts home.

We recently spoke to 3 successful real estate professionals in Massachusetts to learn a little more about how natural stone (marble, granite, slate, etc.) impacts sellers and buyers in their regions. Chris Vietor serves Newton & Metro West, Beth Weiss sells homes in Southeastern, MA and Katie Lewis offers properties on the North Shore and New Hampshire. They gave us their insights about natural stone counters, baths and floors and whether an owner should restore stone before offering a property up for sale.

Beth Weiss real estate massachusettsBeth Weiss, who owns The Weiss Team firm serving Massachusetts’ Southeastern communities, sees natural stone in about 80% of her properties. Beth reports that solid surface, natural or quartz countertops appeal to buyers and whenever possible, homes with worn stone should be improved if it’s cost effective. Beth suggests that you consult with your realtor to understand which improvements impact value in your market.

katie lewis real estate massachusettsKatie Lewis is a realtor at The North Shore Realty Group she sees about 70% of her homes with some sort of natural stone and feels that natural stone fireplaces are almost always impressive to prospective buyers. When we asked Katie if a homeowner should restore stone before going to market, she said “I am always a fan of restoration over new, when possible. Today there are so many ways to restore and it’s typically more cost efficient and faster.”

chris vietor real estate massachusettsIn his Newton, MA office, realtor Chris Vietor is just learning more about how stone can be restored! He sees about 3/4 of the homes he sells in Newton & Metro West with natural stone kitchens and he feels that if it’s cost effective, cleaning and polishing stone, especially stone floors, can really add that “wow” factor to open houses.


If you are a real estate professional or homeowner looking to add “wow” to your home staging or open house by polishing or restoring your interior natural stone, marble, travertine or even tile, call Boston Stone Restoration today:781-793-0700!