Even though our name is Boston Stone Restoration, we travel all over New England to service our customers and make sure their stone gets the best treatment possible. Last week we added Block Island to the list of places our crew has gone!

Some people think that getting work done on Nantucket, the Vineyard and Block Island is not possible or takes too long to get a crew out but not with Boston Stone Restoration! Our crews load up, get on a ferry and go to get the job done!

Summer homes take a beating for a number of reasons. Many of them are rented part of the year or used to entertain family and guests in the summer and when they’re in use it tends to make up for the parts of the year where they don’t see as much wear . Sand does a number on marble floors, cocktails can etch marble counters, things get dropped or chipped, and we all know how messy things can get in the kitchen but thankfully, all of these things are fixabl If you have a home, or manage properties on any of these islands. reach out to us today. We’d love to help you solve your marble and stone issues, and even create a plan of attack for next year.

Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading granite, marble, and natural stone and tile restoration company, let us show you why!