Real Stone Trends We Saw in 2023

Jan 4, 2024

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In 2023, our team witnessed notable shifts in stone applications within interior design, revealing both anticipated trends and surprising observations from real projects:

1. Full-Height Backsplashes Reign Supreme

Backsplashes spanning from countertops to cabinets or extending upward to the ceiling emerged as a standout trend. Available in diverse materials, these seamless stone installations provided homeowners with a range of options, injecting a modern flair into kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Embrace of Minimalist Clean Lines

Elaborate designs took a backseat as sleek, minimalist stone surfaces gained favor. The preference for simple yet elegant aesthetics reflected a desire for sophistication and practicality in interior spaces.

3. Cautionary Notes on Quartz and Artificial Stone

Heightened concerns regarding the health risks associated with artificial stone used in countertops led to a decline in their installation. Reports of lung injuries among workers handling these materials prompted a shift towards safer alternatives, emphasizing the importance of safety in material choices.

4. Trend Towards Mixing Stone Varieties

An increasing trend involved mixing and matching different stone types. Homeowners and designers embraced creativity by blending textures, colors, and patterns, resulting in personalized and unique kitchen designs.

5. Enduring Allure of White Carrara

White Carrara marble remained a favorite, defying predictions of its decline over the last decade. Its beauty and ability to brighten spaces continued to charm people. Despite trends shifting, its pristine white appearance and delicate patterns suit nearly any use, making it a premier option for bringing sophistication and luxury to interiors.

While these trends provide insights into the past year, they may not necessarily forecast the future. As the industry progresses and new trends emerge, the trajectory of stone design might take unexpected turns. These observations offer a glimpse into the utilization of stone in design in the coming seasons and throughout 2024.

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