2023: Our Annual Small Business Saturday List

Nov 20, 2023

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Celebrate the Holidays with 2023 Our Annual Small Business Saturday List

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to discover the heart and soul of gift-giving at these amazing local businesses. Our curated list for Small Business Saturday 2023 brings you delightful finds that add a local touch to your celebrations!


  • Newport Sweet Shoppe – Newport, RI Indulge in heavenly chocolates, fudge, and sweet treats. Their custom favor cookies and caramels with local sea salt make for perfect gifts! Plus, meet the amazing husband and wife duo behind this delightful shop.
  • Wards Berry Farm – Sharon, MA A family-run farm offering the freshest fruits, homemade goodies, artisan breads, and gourmet cheeses. Dive into Mrs. Ward’s treasured family recipes and grab a customized fruit basket for a thoughtful present.


  • feet The Woofpack Boston – Southie Established in 2015, they bring top-tier dog walking and pet sitting services to South Boston. Treat your furry friends to the care they deserve this holiday season!
  • Pardo Photography – Mansfield, MA Capture memories with Nicki Pardo’s fast and fun photography skills honed over two decades. Your moments deserve the perfect frame!
  • Church Square – Wellesley Explore a historical vibe with a mix of local boutique businesses and renowned brands. Find unique gifts and enjoy a day of shopping, pampering, and dining.


  • Pottery With a Purpose – Needham-based Craft your moments of joy with pottery kits or events by Samantha Hoff. Embrace creativity and relaxation during this holiday season!
  • Seaport MedSpa – Boston, MA Indulge in award-winning treatments and the best Botox in Boston. Unwind and treat yourself to signature spa experiences.

Don’t forget, Boston Stone Restoration is a small business too. Treat yourself to beautifully refinished countertops this holiday season. Transform your space and add a touch of elegance that lasts beyond the festivities.


Don’t Miss Past Lists! Check out our curated selections from previous years to rediscover timeless favorites and inspirations for this holiday season.


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