Keep Your Natural Stone Looking Great: 10 Holiday Entertaining Hacks

Dec 11, 2023

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Preparing your home for holiday gatherings involves both elegance and practicality, especially when it comes to preserving your beloved natural stone surfaces. With these ten savvy tips, you can effortlessly maintain the beauty of your stone floors and countertops while hosting a delightful seasonal celebration. From artful furniture arrangements to the use of tasteful rugs and cleverly prepped food stations, these thoughtful strategies ensure your stone’s integrity remains intact, all while enhancing the festive ambiance of your home.

  1. Strategic Placements: Arrange furniture and decorations strategically to naturally guide guests away from the most sensitive areas of your stone floors or counters.
  2. Use Rugs or Runners: Place area rugs or runners over high-traffic areas or where spills are more likely to occur. This not only protects the stone but also adds to the party decor.
  3. Call BSR to have your natural stone counters protected: Consider having a micro-thin coating added to counters to protect from stains and etching. These can be applied before the party and last up to 10 years!
  4. Pre-cut Food: Pre-cut foods to minimize the need for cutting directly on the stone surfaces. This can prevent accidental scratches or damage caused by cutting utensils.
  5. Provide Alternatives: Set up alternative surfaces for certain activities. For example, have a separate table for drink mixing or a designated area for food preparation that’s away from the stone surfaces.
  6. Serve strategically: Position serving stations away from the most vulnerable stone areas. This helps direct traffic away from these spots, reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  7. Towel & Napkin Stations: Place strategically located towel stations or decorative baskets filled with small towels or wipes around the party space. Guests can easily grab them to wipe up spills promptly.
  8. Dim Lighting: Consider using softer, dimmer lighting to create ambiance. This can make guests more cautious around the space without explicitly telling them to be careful.
  9. Engage Conversations: Employ eye-catching centerpieces or decorative elements in areas needing protection. These accents subtly signal the space’s significance, prompting mindfulness in that particular area.
  10. Encourage Circulation: Arrange your furniture layout to encourage natural flow and movement, guiding guests away from the most sensitive areas of your stone surfaces.

These subtle measures can help protect your stone surfaces without disrupting the party atmosphere or making guests feel restricted.

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