Expert Tips for Headstone & Monument Cleaning

Apr 8, 2024

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Headstone Monument Restoration

Thinking about taking some time this spring to thoroughly clean and refresh your family’s headstones? The elements can cause damage to marble, granite, and slate headstones and memorial monuments over time.If you’re interested in performing maintenance on your family’s monuments and markers yourself, you can start with some basic cleaning using the following tools:

DIY Headstone Cleaning Guide:

1. Prepare a bucket.
2. Bring dishwashing liquid (avoid using ammonia, vinegar, or lemon cleaners).
3. Use water, usually available from spigots on-site in most cemeteries.
4. Have a soft toothbrush for cleaning lettering and decorative carvings.
5. Bring rags or old towels for scrubbing.
6. Use lint-free white cloths for drying and buffing the headstone (cloth diapers or microfiber rags work well).

Headstone restoration beforeWhen cleaning, be mindful not to use too much soap, as it can leave a residue. A small amount, about the size of a dime, on a sponge is typically enough. For stubborn dirt, allow the soap to sit for a short while to loosen the dirt, but don’t let it dry. Then, scrub gently.

After cleaning, dry the headstone with a soft, clean cloth or dish towel. Buff polished areas and shine as needed.

While there are plenty of DIY solutions available online for gravestone cleaning, our professional team can efficiently clean and restore cemetery stones, veteran headstone markers, and family mausoleums in time for Memorial Day.

At Boston Stone Restoration, we specialize in professionally cleaning and restoring stone commonly found in New England cemeteries and memorials. We excel at restoring stained stone and addressing the effects of pollution and organic growth. We clean all sorts of markers, monuments and memorial spaces including:

– Tombstone
– Headstone
– Memorial stone
– Grave marker
– Memorial plaque
– Sepulchral monument
– Cenotaph
– Funerary marker
– Grave marker
– Commemorative tablet
– Mausoleum
– Burial chamber
– Sepulcher
– Vault
– Ossuary
– Funerary chamber
– Mortuary chapel
– Chapels and more.

Boston Stone Restoration can assist with various stone staining and grime issues, including:

– Oxidation and environmental reactions
– Grime and dirt
– Algae, fungi, lichens, and mosses
– Various stains, including metallic and oils
– Efflorescence (salts)

To schedule an appointment or receive a quote, call 781-793-0700 in MA, RI, and NH or click here.”

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