Boston Stone Restoration is pleased to announce that we are now certified Clearstone Coating applicators!

What is Clearstone Marble Protector?

  1. Clearstone is a 2mm thin impervious coating
  2. Protects marble counter tops from etching and staining for 10 years
  3. Guaranteed!

Yes, you read that right, 10 years. The product was developed in Australia and has recently been made available in the US. We are proud to be the authorized applicator for the New England region.  For years our clients have been limited to the protection that traditional sealers offer which retard staining and corrosion with notable limitations. This new technology is a coating not a sealer and protects against etching and staining and it also prevents bacteria from getting into the pores of your stone.  If you are a homeowner with marble kitchen counter tops, bar tops or vanities this is a wonderful option to keep your stone  in tip top shape with minimal maintenance for 10 years! This product is also perfect for commercial use restaurants, hotels, bars and country clubs where stone is hard to keep looking it’s best due to the constant use.

stone surface protector coating