Are you visiting the Boston area soon and searching for a place to stay? Consider the Porter Square Hotel , a modern boutique hotel right in the heart of Cambridge! This summer was especially bust and their white marble floor was in need of some TLC. Scuffs and heavily scratches from wheeled luggage and general foot traffic made the floor look dirty and didn’t showcase it’s beauty, so the Porter Square Hotel Team gave us a call!

Marble is generally a soft stone, and , when properly maintained, will look beautiful for years to come. So, Boston Stone Restoration came in after hours as to not disturb patrons during the day and worked diligently to restore the marble floor and remove all the damage. Due to it’s soft nature, it’s imperative that the restorations be done by licensed stone care professionals as to not further damage the stone.

If you work for a hotel that needs lobby floors or bar counter tops restored and are worried about having to shut down parts of your business, contact the professionals at Boston Stone Restoration today! We’ll work with you to set up a plan so that we get our job done and it causes minimal bumps in your day to day operations and can even give you tips on day to day care!
From ballroom marble floor polishing and honing to kitchen countertop refinishing, Boston Stone Restoration is New England’s leading stone care company. Give our team a call today!